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Haydn G. Jones II, DDS. Myers Park/Dilworth General & Cosmetic Dentistry

What procedures are provided?
Teeth Whitening            
All Ceramic Crowns       
Cosmetic Dentistry      
Tooth Colored FIllings    
Cleanings and Exams   
Dental Implants      
Bridges and Partials      
Porcelain Veneers        
Orthodontics with clear Correct Aligners

What are Porcelain veneers?
Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic material
which are bonded to the front of the teeth. This procedure can be an ideal
choice for improving the appearance of the front teeth by masking
disconsolation, whitening teeth and/or reshaping a smile. The porcelain systems
used for veneers have improved dramatically in recent years, allowing us to
create realistic translucency and shade for a natural appearance.

Is tooth whitening safe?
Nothing improves your appearance like a whiter smile.
Whitening systems sold at the grocery store just can’t give you the whitest
smile. The active ingredient in our whitening system, carbamide peroxide, has
been recognized by the FDA for many years as an oral antiseptic and is now used
mainly for its superior tooth whitening properties. We have solutions in a
variety of carbamide peroxide strengths to whiten even the toughest stains.

What payment options are available?
We accept most insurance plans. Payment is also taken through Visa, Mastercard,
American Express and Carecredit.