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Welcome to the home of Haydn G. Jones II, DDS – East Boulevard, where our friendly, kind, and experienced staff is dedicated to providing excellent cosmetic and general dentistry services, as well as routine dental care. We aim to provide a unique and one-of-a-kind dental experience when you visit our dental office. 

We look forward to caring for your oral health in the comfort and relaxing hands of one of the best dentists in the Myers Park Area in Charlotte. Check out our services and schedule an appointment with us. Let’s help you restore the brightness of your smile

Teeth Crowning at a reliable East Charlotte dental practice.

Ceramic Crowns

Restore the size and shape of one or more of your teeth with dental crowns in Charlotte, NC. Our porcelain and ceramic crowns can restore the appearance of your damaged or decayed teeth and will make them look stronger and longer-lasting.


Invisalign Ortho Treatment

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Haydn Jones, II, uses Invisalign in Dilworth and Myers Park, Charlotte, to straighten your teeth and correct various forms of orthodontic issues you might have. Our Invisalign treatment helps you to discreetly and comfortably correct your bite with no hindrances to your daily activities, including feeding.

Smile Gallery

Take a tour through our smile gallery and check out some before and after images of patients with whom our Myers Park dentist has enhanced their smile using Invisalign, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, conventional and all-crowns.

Meet Your New Dentist on East Boulevard in the Myers Park/Dilworth Area.

Dr. Haydn G. Jones II, DDS
Office interior Haydn G Jones II, DDS

Dr. Haydn Jones, II has been providing patients with top general and cosmetic dentistry services from his Myers Park dental office on East Boulevard since 1999. He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Academy of General Dentistry (AGA). As a member, Dr. Jones has gained extensive knowledge in dentistry, which allows him to apply proven, and progressive dental technologies in caring for your dental health.

Dr. Haydn Jones, II received his D.D.S. and B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was also a graduate of South Mecklenburg High School. He is a highly compassionate dentist in Dilworth who is committed to providing friendly and welcoming care to patients. Dr. Jones prioritizes the comfort of his patients in a relaxing and modern environment. 

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The Advantages of Our Dental Office on East Boulevard, in the Myers Park/Dilworth

When you visit our dental office in the Myers Park/Dilworth area located at 1816 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203, you can count on receiving the best possible treatment for your dental issues. Your new general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jones, will be happy to walk you through the treatment options that best suit your conditions. Additionally, there are multiple advantages our dental practice offers:

Personalized Dental Treatment

We provide treatment options that are tailored to your unique dental care needs.

Comfortable Office Environment

Our modern office provides a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere to all patients.

Advanced Technology

As an experienced dentist in Myers Park/Dilworth, Dr. Jones uses proven and progressive dental technology to help his patients obtain the quality dental care they need.

Accepts Most Insurance
Experienced Staff

Dr. Haydn Jones, II and his staff are experienced, and friendly, and love working diligently to ensure new and existing patients get the best dental care possible at each visit.

Routine Care

We work with our patients to help them stay up to date on their dental treatment goals and needs.

Meet Our Staff

Our team at Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Joining your new dentist in Dilworth/Myers Park is a staff of dedicated, experienced, friendly, and motivated dental practitioners who love treating new and recurring patients. Dr. Jones’ staff is committed to creating an office environment that is relaxing and welcoming.


If you’re living in the Myers Park/Dilworth area and searching for a cosmetic dentist that provides top-rated cosmetic and general dentistry, you've come to the right place. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Haydn Jones, II, offers excellent cosmetic services to help improve your teeth’s appearance and enhance your smile's confidence.

Latest Dental News and Research

Explore the latest news stories covering your dental care-related needs.

Not your father’s braces

for sure and not your big sister’s clear aligners either. Surely, you have heard about the method for orthodontic treatment using clear aligners called Invisalign; but did you know that Invisalign, the leader in clear aligner orthodontics for over a decade, has introduced its latest advance in clear align technology- Smarttrack.

This new system now yields even more efficacious tracking of teeth to alignment goals. It consist of a new material that is clear like the old one, but is more resistant to deformation and thereby able to exert more accurate mechanics, suffice it to say– it works even better

If you have considered adult orthodontics, but didn’t want to have metal brackets for aesthetic reasons or were concerned about pain from metal edges rubbing against your cheeks, maybe you have had orthodontics in the past and are having a relapse or minor crowding of just your front teeth, then now is the time you should visit us to determine if you are a candidate for the clear aligner alternative to braces- Invisalign.

I have been providing Invisalign since 2005 and practicing general dentistry for 25 years, so you can also receive treatment in our office for cosmetic or routine care such as veneers, tooth colored fillings, all ceramic crowns or most any treatment you need for a more pleasing, better and confident smile.

You can find us at or call 704-333-6714.  We hope to meet you soon

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