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We welcome you to Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry, your one-stop shop for a healthy smile. We are a dental practice located on East Boulevard in Charlotte, NC, and proudly serve the surrounding areas of Myers Park and Dilworth.
Our dentist, Dr. Jones, is ready to provide the ultimate dental and oral care experience. Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry is dedicated to providing the finest dental care to our valued patients.

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Looking for a trusted dentist on East Boulevard in Charlotte, NC? Look no further than Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry. Our mission is to provide our patients on East Boulevard, in the Myers Park/Dilworth area, with the highest-quality dental experience possible, from general and cosmetic dentistry to routine dental care.

Say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a soothing, patient-centric experience at Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry. Dr. Haydn Jones offers a warm, inviting atmosphere to ease dental concerns.

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Are you looking for a warm and welcoming dentist in Myers Park, NC? Check us out at Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry. Our commitment to providing exceptional dental care with a personal touch sets us apart.

Step into Myers Park dental practice to experience professional dental treatment within a warm and inviting environment. Situated at Myers Park, we view our patients as an extension of our dental family. Our caring team is dedicated to providing you with a sense of tranquility and belonging throughout your visit. 

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Our Dilworth-based cosmetic dentist is devoted to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. We prioritize not only your dental health but also the aesthetics of your smile. Our state-of-the-art practice at Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry, is equipped with the latest dental technology to address even the subtlest enhancements.

If you’re seeking a cosmetic dentist in the Dilworth area, look no further. Visit us for top-tier cosmetic dental treatments and a warm, welcoming environment.

Dentist on East Boulevard, Near Myers Park/Dilworth, and Charlotte, NC.

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If you are searching for a dentist in Charlotte, we’ve got you covered. Your friendly neighborhood dentist awaits you at Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry. Our small, comfortable office is designed for your personalized comfort, where our dedicated team warmly greets you as you enter, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere.

From gentle dental cleanings and routine checks to cosmetic dentistry and advanced restorative treatments like dental implants, we’re your one-stop shop for all oral health needs. At Charlotte, we are passionate about enhancing your smile’s health and appearance. Let us guide you towards a healthier, happier smile – because at Haydn G. Jones, Ⅱ Dentistry, your comfort and oral health always come first.

Not your father’s braces

for sure and not your big sister’s clear aligners either. Surely, you have heard about the method for orthodontic treatment using clear aligners called Invisalign; but did you know that Invisalign, the leader in clear aligner orthodontics for over a decade, has introduced its latest advance in clear align technology- Smarttrack.

This new system now yields even more efficacious tracking of teeth to alignment goals. It consist of a new material that is clear like the old one, but is more resistant to deformation and thereby able to exert more accurate mechanics, suffice it to say– it works even better

If you have considered adult orthodontics, but didn’t want to have metal brackets for aesthetic reasons or were concerned about pain from metal edges rubbing against your cheeks, maybe you have had orthodontics in the past and are having a relapse or minor crowding of just your front teeth, then now is the time you should visit us to determine if you are a candidate for the clear aligner alternative to braces- Invisalign.

I have been providing Invisalign since 2005 and practicing general dentistry for 25 years, so you can also receive treatment in our office for cosmetic or routine care such as veneers, tooth colored fillings, all ceramic crowns or most any treatment you need for a more pleasing, better and confident smile.

You can find us at www.hjdds.com or call 704-333-6714.  We hope to meet you soon

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